Taking Action for Gender Equity | Gender Justice Project
Professor Jo Tyler

Professor Jo Tyler

Penn State University

Jo Tyler is an educator, storyteller, organizational consultant, and mosaic artist. She has over 20 years as a corporate insider in the Fortune 500, and a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Columbia University. Now, in her role as Associate Professor at Penn State University, her teaching is focused on adult learning and organizational change. She values action-oriented, participative research that can result in real change in the real world. As a consultant, she sees organizations through a lens of discourse that includes storytelling, visual art, and artifacts.

At the Gender Justice Conference 2017, Professor Tyler led us through two powerful exercises to integrate our personal stories of inequality with the larger themes of the conference. This culminated in a session in which we co-created a “found poem” which expressed our personal and collective intentions to go out into the world and take action to end gender inequality in our lives and in the world.

A Found Poem

From the Closing of the Gender Justice Conference 2017


Women Rock!

You are entitled to autonomy.


*It’s a full sentence.

Be conscious of your triggers.

Get involved.

Look for boards to join.

Legislative advocacy for women.

Run for office somewhere, sometime.

Tell girls: Be brave about school.

Pick your channel.


Take Action.

Reach outside of my network.

Reach out to HIPS.

Figure out my purpose.

Power of 3/More Frees Us.

Contribute: Keep telling stories.

Take action. Write. Share stories.

Use privilege to amplify voices.